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A light-weight Mirai QQ bot http interface lib for Ruby.

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This library is designed specifically for integration with mirai-api-http. Mirai is a QQ bot framework. The relationship is like this:

mirai <-jvm-> mirai-console <-plugin-> mirai-api-http <-http-> rubirai


Install mirai-api-http and configure its setting.yml file.

Now its easier to enable singleMode if you have only one account in the mirai console.

Note that you must enable Http Adapter with configuration of http under adapterSettings. More mode support to come.


First, download the package using gem. In your Gemfile, add

gem 'rubirai'

Then, start to write code (no matter if it's a rails application or something else):

require 'rubirai'
# assuming your mirai http api address and port
# are and 8080
bot ='', '8080')
# qq and verify key
bot. 1145141919, 'ikisugi_key'

# Add a listener function
bot.add_listener do |event|
  puts event.inspect
  if event.is_a?(Rubirai::MessageEvent)
    event.respond("Hello, world!")

# Listen to message every 0.5 seconds
# And blocks the current thread
bot.start_listen 0.5, is_blocking: true

If you want to install globally with gem, use

gem install rubirai 

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